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CALIFORNIA is a collection of songs reflects the band's memories and experiences of a better time in an iconic place. A time of innocence and rock and roll. A time when people still believed you could find gold in California. Could such a place still exist? Take a few steps back and come flying...

CALIFORNIA  (Limited Edition)


1) Sideshow Charade
2) 49 Songs
3) I Never Knew
4) Makin' Some Noise
5) Pacific Ocean Blue
6) I'll Drag You Home
7) Rosie Made Me Crazy 
8) Transient Absolution
9) Tidal Wave
10) Rewired
11) Running With Scissors
12) Rickenbacker 12-String
13) Cinema Verite



James Lowe:  Vocals, Feedback, Harmonica, Percussion
Mark Tulin:  Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Ken Williams: Lead Guitar
Peter Lewis: 12 string, Acoustic, and Baritone guitar, BG vocals
Banshee Meeks: Background vocals
Jim Tamborillo: Saxophone, Horns
Ian Van Der Molen: Drums

All songs by Lowe/Tulin except for:

*  "49 Songs" by Lowe/Tulin/Lewis

**  "Makin' Some Noise" by Petty/Campbell/Lynne -
     Wild Gator Music

Cover Art: Rudi Fuzztone Protrudi

copyright 2002 PruneTwang Music