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Electric Prunes - WaS album cover

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You'll be seeing red in a good way with the Electric Prunes "Red Dress", the second video from the latest album "WaS". Dance, dance, dance!

Electric Prunes - Blue Sky / Red Dress (Official Video)
from Electric Prunes on Vimeo.

Get into the Real Pig Light Show treatment of our new song "Circles". Caution: May make your head spin! Enjoy!

What happens when an unusual Tokyo snow storm shuts down the town right when we arrive for a concert? The fans still found their way through a strangely quiet mega-city, the show went on, and a good time WaS had by all...

Take a trip through Electric Prunes past to present on our Flash multimedia original site(designed and built by Mark Tulin and James Lowe)!

Backtracks -
From the soundcheck for The Electric Prunes (including Peter Lewis of Moby Grape) at the Baypop Festival in San Francisco in 2002.